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If you have to be away from home and finding care for your dog while you're away becomes necessary...

Pet Granny may be the solution you are looking for. But before you read further please be advised that I do not board high-energy, larger breed dogs, or any puppies. If your dog is a good fit for the environment I provide in my home I will care for your dog while you are away, providing all the attention and affection your pet needs as though it were my own. During boarding, your dog will stay in my house which has a large, private, fenced yard in a lovely country setting half way between Campbell River and Courtenay in the Comox Valley. My goal is to create an environment that is as close as possible to the way your pet lives in your own home. I take special care to provide exercise, affection, grooming and play on an individual basis as well as reinforcing any training methods you may be working on with your dog.

I request a personal orientation meeting with you and your pet(s) at my home before your first boarding session, if possible. There is no fee for the orientation meeting. If, at that time, you decide to use The Pet Granny boarding service, you will be given a Contract/Information Sheet to complete (also available on this website on the Contracts Page) which must be completed and signed by the time the boarding session commences. Please include a copy of certification that your dog has been vaccinated for rabies, distemper, Hepatitis (adenovirus-2) and parvovirus (DHP-3 in 1 vaccine). I also require up-to-date flea and tick treatment.

I ask that your dog(s) be properly trained in obedience, reasonably groomed/clean, and non-aggressive. I have experience boarding dogs requiring medication or special care and will be happy to discuss those issues with you if necessary. Please inform me if your dog has not been spayed or neutered. I do not board female dogs during their estrus cycle unless you book an exclusive boarding session. (See 'Pricing' page for exclusive boarding rates.)

If I have concerns about my ability to handle your dog or feel that my home may not be an appropriate boarding solution, I may ask that you arrange an overnight trial stay for your dog in advance of a regular boarding period. We will discuss these issues, if pertinent, during your orientation meeting.

I will be pleased to supply you with personal and professional references at your request. I look forward to meeting you and your animal family members.

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